Yup, YouJiuJitsu Made Some Changes

If you visited our site in the past week, you may have noticed it has a new look. We’ve been working behind the scenes to make YouJiuJitsu sleeker, recognize our team, and make ourselves more discernible.

We’re always looking for ways to make small improvements that you probably don’t even notice, but sometimes we make big changes on the front end of our site too. Beyond that, we think about what’s next. We don’t want to be a stagnant site, or a copycat blog.

Here’s some of the changes we made with our new website:

Logo and Branding

We retired our old YouJiuJitsu logo, which looked a lot like another, well known brand. Our new logo feels original, cleaner, and we think it’s distinct. Plus, it now has 100% more lions.

Faster Site

The old site was taking 3 seconds of more to load, but our new one is loading in under one second. Web design is kinda like jiu-jitsu: there is power is simplicity. So we stripped out some of our favorite widgets and scripts if they put a barrier between you and the content. Because ultimately, you’re here to read something you clicked on.

Contributor Spotlight

Now that YouJiuJitsu is hiring a few other writers, we put their bios on the homepage. Many sites find anonymous writers who they pay little to nothing and don’t even credit the articles to them. While no one is getting rich here, we want the personalities of the site to be front and center.

New Partners

Surprise, surprise, we run ads on our site so that we can keep it running. We feel good about this because we are finding the best, most reputable partners that are in the business of making YOU better at jiu-jitsu. Some of our new and returning partners are:

Renzo Gracie Online

A fantastic online training program, where Renzo brings in guest instructors from around the world. With Renzo Online, you’ll get lesson plans from Matt Serra, Jean Jacque Machado, Gordon Ryan, Gregor Gracie, and a ton more. You’re getting access to some of the best minds in BJJ here.

Keenan’s Lapel Guard Encyclopedia

If you’re a fan or new school jiu-jitsu and learning specific systems to confuse and frustrate opponents, this program is for you. Keenan’s Lapel Guard Encyclopedia has a whopping nine hours of meticulously organized content, that is continuously updated. Best of all, he is the ONLY guy that knows this guard system. Imagine being the only guy that knew butterfly guard in the 1980’s. You’d be a killer!

Henry Akins Hidden Jiu-Jitsu

Henry wins the award for the most personalized of the online platforms. His old-school Rickson Gracie BJJ will NEVER go out of style, and he offers a 21-day trial of his online platform. He also regularly answers forum questions and even hosts Facebook Live events for his online students.

Dr. Samuel Choi’s Strength and Conditioning Program

You’ll be forgiven for never hearing about Dr. Choi, but have you hear of a guy named Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida? THIS is the strength and conditioning coach who rehabbed Buchecha from what many though was a career ending injury and created a special strength and conditioning system that he then used to destroy the competition last year in IBJJF. This is one of the few conditioning programs offered for BJJ athletes. So stop sucking in deep breathes and get your ass in shape!

Finally. . .

Thanks for everyone that reads and engages with YouJiuJitsu. We have a lot more things planned for the future, see you on the mats!