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Best Weight Training Routine for Jiujitsu

Best Weight Training Routine for Jiujitsu

Alright, there is no “one size fits all” weightlifting routine, but having a good weight training program and investing time in the gym will pay huge dividends for your jiujitsu game.

Finding the right program that’s best for you, can be huge.

So determining what your goals are and what you need to work on in order to become a better jiu jitsu athlete will dictate what programs will be most effective for you.

The following is an overview of the most common programs and their purposes…

Cross-Training Routines

In previous articles I’ve shared my fondness for cross-training routines due to their flexibility in helping people accomplish so many goals.

While these programs mix attributes of cardio and strength training, they can be used to increase endurance, improve strength and promote lean body mass.

This makes them ideal workouts for athletes of many sports and for fitness seekers with a wide range of goals.

Cross-training programs will focus primarily on weight training. These routines will generally introduce cardio aspects into the program design such as using stations and timed exercises.

Additional cardio training like the stationary bike or treadmill will usually

be added either to the beginning or end of a cross-training workout.

Cross-training routines are aimed to provide an overall impact on the body.

One of the great advantages of cross-training programs is the impact these routines will have in improving strength and creating lean muscle mass while promoting flexibility.

Weight/Fat Loss Routines

All good weight and fat loss programs should include some type of weight training regimen. Not only does muscle burn fat, weight training will also help prevent muscle loss during such routines.

These programs will be more individualized and have a greater dietary emphasis and focus.

As a competitor, especially those who must be concerned with weight classes, cutting weight while maintaining muscle is imperative to having a competitive advantage.

Although these programs should have some form of weight training included, there will typically be a heavier focus on cardio activities and machines.

While the obvious goals of these types of programs center on weight-loss and fat reduction, facets of these kinds of routines can easily be incorporated into most programs.

Strength Training Routines

As to be expected, these types of programs will focus almost entirely on weight training.

Not unlike the aforementioned fat loss programs, however, there should also be some cardio included in these programs.

This is particularly important for athletes in terms of endurance and flexibility. If there is one concern with strength training, it is maintaining flexibility.

It should also come as no surprise that size and weight gain (albeit muscle weight) are common results of these programs, while these are generally subtle gains.

The purpose of strength training can be localized, such as improving upper body strength or applied as a whole body routine. For the latter training routines expect to see a considerable amount of core training.

Endurance Training Routines

Typically employed by athletes and competitors like our aforementioned jiu jitsu artist, endurance training routines can take a variety of shapes and sizes.

A marathon runner might use weighted lunges and a variety of running drills, where that jiu jitsu competitor might be better advised to invest in a program designed to improve muscle endurance.

Your sport, your needs and your goals will determine the program best suited for you.

The obvious goal of endurance training is to improve our endurance. What your endurance training program looks like will depend on if you want to improve your running endurance, increase you muscle endurance or other endurance aspects.

Weight Training Works

There are few realms of athletics and competition where we haven’t seen weight training have a positive impact.

Even golfers are sporting physiques that look healthier and leaner.

There are an endless amount of effective programs because we all have different goals, athletic endeavors and needs.

The key to improving your game is finding the right weight training routine for your sport. Do you need to get stronger in order to gain the competitive edge?

Will improving you endurance result in more wins and more success in your matches? Find out where you need to get better and where you can improve.

Then find a weight training program that can deliver those results.


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