Flashback: Umm, Did Eddie Bravo Get In A Street Fight This Weekend?

Flashback: Umm, Did Eddie Bravo Get In A Street Fight This Weekend?

In the midst on a terrific UFC, Rener Gracie on Shark Tank, Mother’s Day, and the penultimate Game of Thrones episode, you may not have noticed that one of the most popular figures in the world of BJJ posted an odd photo on his Instagram this weekend:

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From across the street some guy yelled “Fuck flat earth Asshole!!” So I ran up to him and said right to his face “Say it now foo” He then socked me right in the eye and as I lay on the ground in a haze wondering what the fuck just happened, I began to realize he must be one of those mma cage guys so I immediately and profusely began to apologize, I told him I was sorry af, pleaded with him to stop hitting me, I told him he was right and that we live on a spinning ball and everything. Then I turned around and took the fuck off running like a fucking cheetah chasing it’s prey. 60 miles an hour of pure death killing machine. No gazelle would have stood a chance. Don’t mean to brag, just being hella honest

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According to Bravo, a notoriously unreliable witness, he got a black eye as a result of an actual altercation, someone who may have been some sort of trained fighter.

At first glance, it’s hard to put too much stock into it. After all, jiu-jitsu people get black eyes on the mat often. Eddie himself did not reply on the IG post to the many questions that ensued. Most people just laughed it off as Eddie being Eddie.

Then a few hours later:

A second video was posted of Bravo at a hospital of some sort. This one seemed much more serious and legitimate. Bravo was in a hospital gown using a walker, and even seemed to be hooked up to an IV bag.

His caption for the video seemed to continue the same story as before: He confronted someone on the street and was attacked, then fled. He claimed he “pulled a hammy” from running away.

Again, many commentors, asked if anyone could clarify, but Bravo has been silent so far.

So the million dollar question is: Did one of the foremost BJJ purveyors of our time get in a street fight, and what happened if he did?

I have reached out to several Eddie Bravo students and friends, as well as Eddie himself. I’ll update this article as we find out more.