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The Other Important Reasons to Do An Abs Workout Today

The Other Important Reasons to Do An Abs Workout Today


We are a modest, humble and quiet people, a civilization dominated by modesty and propriety. So the way a chiseled six pack looks, glistening in the summer sun doesn’t really get much attention – right?

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room and despite the fact that we all either love, want or are working on that carved abdomen, there are actually many important reasons for getting one aside from the obvious. Not that vanity isn’t a factor, but these reasons are far more serious.

The Benefits of An Abs Workout

There really isn’t anything wrong with wanting to look good, or even look great for that matter. Having a six pack can accurately be perceived as a reflection of someone who cares about their health and their life. Regardless of the earlier jesting, having a six pack doesn’t automatically classify you as someone who is vain. What it will do, however, is deliver results to improve your game, your health and your world.

Become a Better More Competitive Athlete

Are you aiming to improve at your sport and become more competitive? Are you already a competitive athlete and want to take you game to the next level? A good abs routine will strengthen your core and improve your game, especially when strength and speed are important. It is no secret that improved physical fitness makes us better athletes; even golfers have gotten into the act and it all starts with the core. It is a strong core that allows us to better transfer energy and power to our limbs. That means any grappling, throwing, punching or kicking actions can be improved, among others.

Improve Balance

Although we see those talented gymnasts with their arms outstretched as they walk across that narrow beam, balance doesn’t begin with our arms. By investing in an abs routine your core will get stronger, meaning you balance will become better.

“Core strength is intimately related to balance, because you need good stability at your core to have safe and effective movement at the hip, knee, and ankle,”

– Kailin Collins – Physical Therapist, Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital – 2014

Balance begins with your core and a tight torso equates to improved balance. You don’t necessarily have to be an athlete to appreciate that benefit.

Stand Up Straight

That’s right, those you see with a posture that just look strong and carries a presence of vitality, head up, shoulders back and striding with each step – that is evidence of a strong core. It will literally improve your posture and help you to stand taller!

Be More Agile

Studies have shown that those who work their core perform better during agility testing and related sports activities. People often worry about losing agility when getting bigger and stronger, understandably so. A unique benefit of core training is that it does both, improves strength as we discussed earlier and increases agility. A good and effective abs workout goes so much farther than looking good.

Live Longer

What’s more important than looking good? How about living a longer, healthier life? Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up and working those abs will result in you living longer.

“It’s detrimental to your health… a new international collaborative study led by a Mayo Clinic researcher found. Men and women with large waist circumferences were more likely to die younger…”

In layman’s terms, what this states is that those with tighter midsections (like those with six-pack abs) will add years to their life.  Just to be clear, this means that a good abs workout will not only help you look amazing, it will also help you to live longer.

The Most Important Reason

Those are a few of the benefits of an abs workout. That’s right, a few. There are even more reasons like decreasing the probability of injury. If you have ever known someone with or had a back issue yourself, then there isn’t much need to elaborate on how uniquely awful back pain can be.

All of these benefits make an abs workout so much more than merely a physical effort to obtain superficial beauty but none of these advantages are the most important reason to do an abs workout today. There is one thing that all of those reasons for working your abs have in common – you! That’s because you are the most important reason for hitting your abs and working that core.

That burn, the salt of sweat and the sucking wind are the price we pay and nobody gets rewarded more handsomely than the individual who put int the effort. It is your body that will look incredible. It is your game the will improve. It is your life that will benefit most and that makes you the most important reason for doing an abs workout.

Don’t Forget…

It isn’t that uncommon for people to see fast results when hammering the biceps for weeks. The same could be said for the triceps and a few other select muscle groups. Obtaining that lean and sculpted six-pack, however, may take a bit longer. That’s okay and should be expected. The abs are a considerably larger muscle group and revealing those abs is as much about body fat as it is muscle size.

The problem is, we can become frustrated and try to push the process. This could translate into not sticking to the plan, quitting or using bad form because we push too hard. By the way, bad form during core exercises is an invitation to injury!

Just remember, always make safety priority one during your workout and that includes that abs routine. Working out the right way will produce the results you want and give you the abs you’re after.

How many more reasons do you need to get started today?


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Jordan Fernandez, BA, CSCS, CPT. Jordan is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Aaron Botello at <a rel="nofollow">Sonoran Brazilian Jiu Jitsu</a>, Certified Personal Trainer through the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.nasm.org/become-a-personal-trainer">National Academy of Sports Medicine</a>, and recreational BJJ competitor. Jordan serves as a board member for the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://traineracademy.org/cpt/home">Trainer Academy Certified Personal Trainer</a> program, assisting with curriculum development and vetting to ensure certified trainers enter the industry with the requisite knowledge and skills to safely and effectively coach clients towards improved health outcomes. Jordan lives in Tucson Arizona where he coaches clients for strength and fitness and runs <a rel="nofollow">Dynamic SEO</a>, a small digital marketing agency for local businesses.