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The Best BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing Instructionals: 2023 Edition

The Best BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing Instructionals: 2023 Edition

Are you tired of being in a top position only to get stifled by an opponent’s tough BJJ guard?  Perhaps you’re on the verge of passing guard yet find yourself on your back – or worse – tapping out in the next second.  Passing the guard is among the toughest tasks in BJJ.  A skilled BJJ guard player can stop you in your tracks and sweep and submit you with ease.

Fear not!  With the best BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing Instructionals, passing your opponent’s guard has never been easier.   Whether you prefer Gi or No Gi BJJ, we’ve got your guard pass game plan covered.

We’ve put together the 10 Best BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing Instructional series.  Our list includes world-class video breakdowns from legends like John Danaher, Gordon Ryan, Lachlan Giles, and Bernardo Faria.  Whatever guard pass style you prefer; you will sharpen your BJJ passing game in no time.

Best Overall BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing


The Science of Guard Passing by Lucas Lepri

The science of guard passing by Lucas Lepri is hands down the best overall guard passing instructional on BJJ Fanatics.  Lepri covers multiple pass methods to address a variety of commonly used guards.  Lepri’s world-class passing game gives you the edge you need against any opponent.  If you want to read more, scroll down to our full breakdown.

Best Pressure Passing Instructional


Bernardo Faria’s Battle Tested Pressure Passing

Bernardo Faria made a name for himself with his insane pressure passing systems.  Pressure passing is great for older or less athletic BJJ players, since you don’t need speed or flexibility to develop insane pressure.  BJJ Fanatics Battle Tested Pressure Passing will shut down athletic, flexible guard players and have them begging you to pass when they feel the pressure.

Best No Gi Passing Instructional on BJJ Fanatics


No Gi Pressure Passing with Bernardo Faria

Once again, Bernardo Faria’s pressure passing makes the top of our list for best No Gi instructionals.  In No Gi Pressure Passing, Faria shows the details on how to make his proven pressure passing methods work without the Gi.  No amount of flexibility or trendy guard systems will stop the insanity of the BJJ Fanatics No Gi Pressure Passing.

Best BJJ Beginner Passing Instructional


John Danaher’s Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals

If you’re newer to grappling and want to learn from the very basics, you won’t beat John Danaher’s Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals.  Danaher is well-known for his detailed analysis of every aspect of BJJ and has a world-class crew of athlete’s to prove his merits as a coach.  If you’ve been training less than a year or two and still get lost when trying to pass guard, we highly recommend John Danaher’s Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals.

The following is our list of the best BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing Instructionals in 2020.  Regardless of your skill level or BJJ style, these top BJJ instructionals will bring your passing to the next level.

The Best BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing Instructionals: 2020 Edition


Bernardo Faria’s No Gi Pressure Passing – BJJ Fanatics


Bernardo Faria is a master of old school pressure passing in BJJ.  In the BJJ Fanatics No Gi Pressure Passing, 5x world champion black belt breaks down the details on his over-under pressure passing system.  His No Gi system is similar to his pressure passing in Gi, however, he modifies the details to apply his world-famous pressure passing when your opponent doesn’t have pajamas on.

If you are looking for a BJJ guard passing system that does not depend on having speed, flexibility, or insane strength, the Faria’s BJJ Fanatics No Gi Pressure Passing should be at the top of your list.  Faria shows you how to apply his simple and effective system against whatever guards your opponents throw at you.  Obnoxious flexibility and strength is no match for the battle-tested Bernardo Faria No Gi Pressure Passing.

No more getting stuck in No Gi Guard!

John Danaher’s Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals – Go Further Faster – BJJ Fanatics


John Danaher is a household name in modern BJJ.  From his leg locking system to his guard passing fundamentals, John Danaher is both a wizard and mathematician when it comes to BJJ.  In his Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals, Danaher breaks down his five-step system for passing any guard.

Danaher breaks down the fundamentals of opening the closed guard and discusses the mechanics and leverage needed for precision guard passing.  In Passing the Guard: BJJ Fundamentals, you learn the double-under pass, over-under pass, knee cut pass, and Torreando pass.  By the time you are finished with the video series, you’ll be well on your way to threatening even the savviest guard player with crisp, effective, and high-percentage guard passing techniques.

Don’t Miss Out on Danaher’s World-Class Knowledge

The Body Lock Pass by Lachlan Giles – BJJ Fanatics


World medalist and ADCC veteran Lachlan Giles breaks down the body lock pass system that you can use to pass any guard in BJJ.  With six volumes and nearly 8 hours of content on the BJJ Fanatics Body Lock Pass instructionals, you’ll have a new approach to passing that takes your opponent by surprise.

The Body Lock Pass system by Lachlan Giles includes narrated rolling in addition to the lessons so you can learn how the masters apply this system during real sparring.  Lachlan Giles covers important concepts and applied principles before deep-diving into the entries, methods of clearing the knee line, how to complete the pass, and finally the components of the Sao Paulo Guard Open.  If you are looking for a refreshing approach to passing guard, this BJJ Fanatics Instructional delivers.


Half Guard Passing and Dynamic Pins: BJJ Fundamentals with John Danaher


Many guard passing instructionals focus largely on passing the full guard and open guard.  In the BJJ Fanatics Half Guard Passing and Dynamic Pins: BJJ Fundamentals with John Danaher, you’ll learn Danaher’s detailed system for specifically passing the half guard.

Many skilled guard players could care less about playing full guard or open-guard, but have an extremely polished half guard system.  With Danaher’s ‘463 Method’ of attack, you develop tight control and pin-to-pin transition ability to efficiently pass even the most technical half-guard player.  Danaher breaks down how to force the opponent into half-guard and remove the common barriers you’ll typically encounter such as the lockdown, knee shield, and deep-half entries.  By the time you’re finished with this Half Guard Passing instructional, you’ll have the counter to every common problem in passing the BJJ half guard.


Battle Tested Pressure Passing by Bernardo Faria


Bernardo Faria is the over-under pressure passing master.  In the BJJ Fanatics Battle Tested Pressure Passing, Faria breaks down his over-under pass system for Gi Jiu-Jitsu.  He covers entries, common counters, and the methods of finishing the over-under pass against opponents of all athleticism, flexibility, and skill levels.

As with all of Bernardo Faria’s techniques, Battle Tested Pressure Passing does not rely on athleticism, strength, or flexibility.  If you’re an average athlete like us, this system is the key to shutting down even the peskiest guard players in their tracks and showing them the real meaning of serious top-game pressure.


The Science of Guard Passing by Lucas Lepri


Lucas Lepri is known as one of the greatest guard passers in BJJ history and regularly makes world-class competitors look like white belts.

In the BJJ Fanatics Science of Guard Passing by Lucas Lepri, you gain an entirely new perspective on guard passing that will transform your entire game.  Lepri will teach you how to dismantle any guard in open mats or local competition.

The Science of Guard Passing breaks down several high-percentage passes including the basic knee cut pass from the common guards you encounter at all belt levels.  He teaches multiple passes for shutting down obnoxious guards such as spider guard and single-leg X.  If you find an opponent who throws a worm guard variation, Lepri covers that too.


The Sao Paulo Passing System by Leonardo Nogueira



Leonardo Nogueira’s Sao Paulo Passing System won him multiple world titles including blue belt, 2x brown belt, and black belt world title against Buchecha.  The Sao Paulo pass is a classic old-school BJJ method of passing the guard.  The devil is in the details, and incorrectly attempting this pass will quickly get you submitted.  In this BJJ Fanatics Sao Paulo passing tutorial, Nogueira breaks down the details that make this pass work against any belt level.

Over nearly three hours of video, Nogueira will teach you multiple variations of the Sao Paulo pass.  You learn to Sao Paulo pass against many different styles of guard.  By the end of the tutorial, your opponent’s sophisticated guard game won’t stand a chance against the onslaught of Nogueira’s Sao Paulo method.


The 50/50 Arm Passing System with Leo Vieira


Checkmat founder and 2x ADCC champion Leo Vieira breaks down his BJJ No Gi 50/50 Arm Passing System.  The 50/50 passing system is based on the 50/50 guard.  Vieira realized that if you remove your leg from the opponent’s control, you are in a powerful passing position.  50/50 passing removes many of the traditional submissions and sweeps your opponent has from guard.  With the BJJ Fanatic 50/50 Arm Passing System, you’ll get the full system of pass variations based on the 50/50 passing position.

You can enter 50/50 passing positions from most of the traditional guard positions your opponent tries.  With Leo Vieira’s full 50/50 system, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this unique system for passing the BJJ guard in No Gi Jiu-Jitsu.


Polish Power Passing by Adam Wardzinski


In the BJJ Fanatics Polish Power Passing, BJJ black belt Adam Wardzinski shows you his full system based on the knee-slice pass.  This passing system addresses the most frustrating guards you will face in BJJ.  With precision and leverage, you learn to pass guard with the same mechanics that work for Wardzinski at the elite black belt level.

Whether you get stuck in half guard, wrapped in with De La Riva, or just want to add another passing system to your BJJ arsenal, Polish Power passing delivers the system you need.  With world-class breakdowns on the technical aspects of knee-slice passing, Wardzinski brings your game to the next level in no time.


The Guard Passing Anthology: Half Guard by Lachlan Giles


If you’re sick of working to break the closed guard only to end up getting swept and submitted from half guard, it’s time to elevate your knowledge of passing the BJJ half guard.  Particularly when you face a good half-guard player, the demands on your passing game go through the roof.  With the BJJ Fanatics Guard Passing Anthology: Half Guard by Lachlan Giles, you’ll learn the details and techniques to shut down even the craftiest half-guard players.

ADCC veteran and master BJJ coach Lachlan Giles teaches you to pass half guard right into powerful mount and back take positions.  By the time you finish Lachlan’s Guard Passing Anthology: Half Guard from BJJ Fanatics, you’ll have the skills to force your opponent into half guard only to be crushed by the final details of passing to mount and taking the back.  This passing system is exceptionally effective in No Gi – it’s no wonder Lachlan’s system has bred some of the toughest competitors on the scene.


Don’t Wait – Make Your BJJ Opponents Fear Your Guard Passing Today!

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