Having trouble getting caught up in your opponent’s closed guard?

Seriously, if you’ve ever been inside the closed guard of an opponent who really knows what they are doing, then you know what it feels like to battle sweeps, chokes, armbars, and triangles, in rapid succession. Never mind trying to escape.

Today, you can start learning invaluable jiujitsu concepts and techniques that will significantly improve your closed guard so can stop your opponent dead in his tracks.

Overview of The Closed Guard System

Learn the Rickson Gracie-style closed guard game through a system of training videos provided by Henry Akins, who is the first black belt taught by Rickson Gracie.

This training system will show you a wide variety of closed guard (top position) techniques, that will frustrate your opponents so bad, they’ll regret ever putting you there.

A properly closed guard is one of the most dominant positions in all of jiu-jitsu. Who wants to constantly fend off chokes, sweeps and armbars, all while trying to escape?

While this is a frustrating situation to find yourself in, especially when the guys you are rolling with are closed guard gurus, all is not lost!

With The Closed Guard System, you will learn how to avoid getting into a closed guard situation in the first place (makes sense, right? Just don’t get there). By using your hands and feet to prevent your opponent from gaining the necessary leverage you can save yourself a world of hurt. Henry will show you.

Furthermore, if you do find yourself trapped in the closed guard, then the Closed Guard System will teach you all the slick escapes needed for breaking the closed legs wide open, so you can pass with ease.

Finally, once you have been able to move your opponent into a position where their leverage is compromised, The Closed Guard System will be able to help you regain control of the fight.

This system will allow you to quickly throw your opponent to the ground while being able to either get on the back of your opponent or begin to close your own guard.

In either situation, you will have a decided advantage on your opponent.

Inside The Closed Guard System is a Must Have

  • FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the ONLY proper closed guard posture that keeps you SAFE at all times.
  • Discover the handful of MOST important things you should NEVER do when placed in someone’s closed guard
  • What to do if your opponent tries to pull you down. This will change EVERYTHING you’ve ever thought about staying safe inside the closed guard.
  • Discover the one thing NOBODY EVER wants you to do to them when you’re in their closed guard… and how to frustrate them EVERY TIME
  • Sometimes (even experienced grapplers) have NOTHING from the closed guard even though THEY put you there. I’ll show you how to rue the day they closed their legs around you.
  • Sometimes (even experienced grapplers) have NOTHING from the closed guard even though THEY put you there. I’ll show you how to rue the day they closed their legs around you.
  • Once you develop your ability to be an IMMOVABLE OBJECT inside someone’s closded guard… after you’ve amply frustrated them… I’ll show you “how to open the legs and pass”… THE EASY WAY!
  • Opening the closed guar is EASY… but there’s ONE incredibly important concept you MUST UNDERSTAND and I GUARANTEE you that you’ve never been taught it correctly.
  • Opening the closed guard 100% of the time on anyone and everyone requires you do 3 simple things. Do them right and you’re OUT and passing… Do them wrong and you’re either drowning in their attack or just flat out stuck.


If you are interested in learning more about The Closed Guard System and improving your jiu-jitsu skillset, you should visit Henry’s website today. The Henry Akins online library of videos includes dozens of videos about a wide variety of general jiu-jitsu skills and detailed moves that can help you to become very dominant in competitions.