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Henry Akins White Belt to Blue Belt Fundamentals Course

Henry Akins White Belt to Blue Belt Fundamentals Course

The Fastest Way to go From White Belt to Blue Belt

Seriously, there are a few simple tricks to getting your blue belt faster.

  • Train Smart
  • Train Consistently
  • Train with Focus

Train smart means don’t be dummy and get hurt. I know, easier said than done. Train consistently means show up to class more than twice a week. And finally the most important, train with focus.

If you really want to accelerate your training, then you need to make the best of your mat time.

I highly recommend applying for Rickson Gracie Blackbelt Henry Akins White Belt to Blue Belt Fundamentals Online Training System as the most effective way to stay focused and make the most of your mat time.

Every other year or so, Professor Akins opens up the doors to white belts around the globe. Serious white belts who are looking to take their jiu-jitsu to the next level, so they can optimize their training time, get better quicker and earn their blue belts faster.

Just remember, your competition is training smart and training hard. Don’t be left behind.

Henry shares everything online, from his Los Angeles Gym, Dynamix MMA. Henry and his staff of elite coaches train some of the Worlds best UFC fighters and Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors.

And for the first time, you can have access to one of the best Brazilian Jiujitsu Instructors in the World today, from anywhere in the World.

You’ll get weekly techniques, bonus footage of concepts, philosophy, and drills to make sure you totally understand each topic, which are critical for earning your blue belt.

Any jiujitsu white belt seriously interested in advancing to blue belt should invest in Henry’s course as a supplement to their weekly training.

It took me two years to get my blue (2006-2008) and I would have gotten it sooner had this program been around when I was getting started.

I’m absolutely positive that I would have had an unfair advantage over the other white-belts in my gym, too.

Consider yourself fortunate for having this precious jiujitsu gift at your disposal.

Do yourself a huge favor and see how Henry can help you move up to blue belt quicker and with the grappling skills to prove it. Check out the white to blue belt online training taught by Henry Akins.

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