Leg Locks – Enter the System by John Danaher

If you talked to the one hundred most knowledgeable grapplers in the world and asked them, “Who would you most like to learn grappling from?” ninety-eight, ninety-nine, or maybe even all one hundred of them would give you the same answer: John Danaher. There is just no equal.

Why You Need Leglocks – Enter The System

  • Leglocks – Enter The System” from John Danaher: The Most Sought After Grappling Instructor On The Planet
  • John helped coach Georges St Pierre and Chris Weidman to UFC World Titles. Garry Tonon has become a 3x ADCC competitor and a grappling icon.
  • Leglocks have been called the great equalizer – it doesn’t matter if you are big, strong, fast or flexible; all that you need to apply a successful leglock is the knowledge
  • John has guided guys like Eddie Cummings and Gordon Ryan to stardom in a fraction of the time that it would take ordinary people
  • This is a curriculum-based approach to leg locks
  • Enter the system today and change your entire game
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