jiu-jitsu podcasts

These days there’s a podcast for everything. From niche television shows to gratuitously gruesome true crime exposes, there are currently over 700,000 podcasts right now. If you’re looking to stay on the mat even during your commute, here’s a list of jiu-jitsu podcasts to give a listen.

The Raspberry Ape Podcast

Daniel Strauss, aka The Raspberry Ape, is a UK based submission grappler with a black belt under 10x World Champion Roger Gracie. In his podcast Daniel discusses jiu-jitsu, conditioning, and the UK and European grappling scene. Active since 2016, there is a large backlog of episodes to binge. Some must listens include his episodes with: Kurt Osiander, Darragh O’Conaill, and Alan Whitton. Catch up with what’s going on across the pond with The Raspberry Ape Podcast.

The Grappling Central Podcast

With over 300 episodes Ryan Ford’s Grappling Central Podcast is a standout in the jiu-jitsu podcast game. Whether he’s speaking with MMA stars like Damian Maia and Junior Assuncao, or with BJJ stars like Gordon Ryan and Jamil Hill, Ryan’s earnest passion for the sport shines through in his discussions. Listen to some of the biggest names in grappling talk about the sport they love, life, and the stories that drive them.

The Chewjitsu Podcast

Coming live and direct from Louisville, KY, Nick “Chewy” Albin is a Renato Tavares black belt and jiu-jitsu instructor at Derby City MMA. Together with his co-host, BJJ brown belt and physical therapist, Dr. Eugene Tsozik, the podcast covers: the physical and mental aspects of the sport, interviews with fellow black belts, and answers listener/ viewer questions from Chewy’s YouTube page. For a friendly and fair look at jiu-jitsu and the in’s and outs of the sport, look no further than The Chewjitsu Podcast.

Grappling Rewind

Jiu-jitsu and submission grappling is growing quickly. Every weekend there seems to be tournament or super show going on somewhere. It can be hard to keep up. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Grappling Rewind team, you’ll be able to stay on top of what’s happening. Missed the last KASAI Pro or Fight-2-Win? Want to hear about the rising stars in jiu-jitsu as well as the veterans? Count on these guys to give you the breakdown of what you missed.


If you want to keep it real, like really real, you need only embrace your inner goon and check out this podcast. Hosted by multiple title champions Tim Spriggs and DJ Jackson, and some occasional guests, the BJJ GOONS Podcast is enlightening and entertaining. Join Tim, DJ, and Tony, as they talk about: competing at high levels, the current state of the sport, attitude on the mat and in the gym, and everything else in between. One note on this podcast: at the moment, the best place to listen to it is through Apple Podcast, but you can find episodes on YouTube as well.

The Strenuous Life Podcast

Stephan Kesting is a lifelong martial arts practitioner having studied numerous martial arts including judo, muay thai, and karate, and is a brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. His contributions to the sport and the insight he provides have made him a recognizable figure in the BJJ community. Join Stephan on his podcast for quick episodes (anywhere between 3-14 minutes) with invaluable information, or stick around a bit longer as he conducts interviews with various martial artists and persons of interest within the sport.

With all these podcasts here’s hoping you don’t run out of listening material for the road. Stay safe, train smart, and keep your ears open!