Home Gear Reviews Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rashguard Review – 2024

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rashguard Review – 2024

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rashguard Review – 2024

Shopping for a No Gi rashguard can be overwhelming. To help out, I’ve decided to zero on a Jiu Jitsu rashguard I purchased recently that I have been very happy with – the Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard from Break Point Fight Company.

The Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard is a lightweight, sleek, long sleeve BJJ rashguard featuring the Jiu Jitsu Life insignia.

My overall rating of the Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard is: 4.5/5 stars.

To get to this number, I look at the following aspects of this BJJ rashguard:

  • Comfort & breathability of materials
  • Rashguard fit and sizing
  • Durability of rashguard
  • Appearance, logo, and branding
  • Cost & price assessment

In this comprehensive review, I’ll walk you through my entire experience testing and wearing this rashgaurd.

Once you finish reading, you’ll know if the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard is the right gear option for you.

Here we go!

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rashguard

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rashguard
  • Does Not Ride Up
  • Extremely Comfortable Material

How I Reviewed the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard

I have been doing Gi and No Gi Jiu Jitsu for over 7 years and have purchased and worn dozens of different No Gi Rash Guards.

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rashguard displayed on floor

I purchased this BJJ rash guard in December 2022 from JiuJitsu.com. I am a 6’0” 185-pound man, so I purchased the large size Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life rash guard.

I first examined the rashguard and inspected for any defects before removing the tag. I tried the rash guard on at home before attending Jiu Jitsu open mat to make sure it fit.

New Break Point BJJ Rashguard with Tag Displayed

During training, when possible I took note of the comfort, breathability, and other aspects of the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life rashguard.

Finally, I washed the rash guard after training to see how it held up through a wash cycle.

Since I have not owned the rash guard long enough yet to speak to its long-term durability, I will continue to update this article periodically as I use the rash guard.

Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard Comfort & Fit

Jordan wearing Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard Rear View

At the time I purchased the rash guard, long sleeves were the only option, which is not a problem for me since I always train in long sleeves to minimize the risk of any skin infections.

The rash guard was overall fairly comfortable when I was wearing it before I went to go roll at open mat. 

You probably know that a dry Jiu Jitsu rash guard can cause some serious chafing. To test this I put it on roughly an hour before I left.

Normally, I put my rashguard on right before training BJJ to avoid my skin getting irritated. 

I am happy to report it did not bother me to wear the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life rash guard before I started rolling. 

In fact, I barely realized it was on.

Rashguard Sizing

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard label size large

The large size fit me very well, which makes sense since the sizing suggests 175lb-200lb for size large. The rash guard is unisex, so sizing does not change between men and women.

The overall sizing chart is as follows:

  • Small: 125 lbs – 150 lbs
  • Medium: 150 lbs – 175 lbs
  • Large: 175 lbs – 200 lbs
  • XL: 200 lbs – 235 lbs
  • 2XL: 235 lbs – 270 lbs

Although I did not purchase a kids rashguard, the kids sizing is as follows:

  • Kids Small: Up to 55 lbs
  • Kids Medium: 55 lbs – 75 lbs
  • Kids Large: 75 lbs – 95 lbs

I may be lucky since I am right in the middle of the adult large size range, so I cannot speak to whether the rest of the sizes fit well.

The neck area on rashguards tends to be tight on me, but in this case, the neck sizing was spot on.

Jordan demonstating the Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard neck fit.

However, mine is a fairly perfect fit.

Additionally, the Break Point Jiu-Jitsu rash guard waistband is very minimalist and does not have a separate elastic loop.

Despite this (or perhaps because of this) the Jiu Jitsu Life rashguard does not have the annoying tendency to ride up.

Rash Guard Stitching & Material

Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard Stitch Seam displayed up close - 4 way flat stitch

The Break Point Jiu Jitsu rash guard material is very smooth and comfortable against skin.

The flat stitching ensures it does not chafe at the seams.

Break Point advertises the Jiu Jitsu Life rash guard as being complete 4-way stretch fabric, and this does appear to be the case. I had no discomfort or mobility restrictions when raising my arms overhead.

The material itself is very lightweight. With a skintight fit it was not very noticeable compared to baggier rashguards, and also prevented any excess friction during live Jiu Jitsu rolling.

Rashguard Breathability During Use

My chief complaint about this nogi rash guard material and the primary reason I did not give the rash guard 5 stars is that the material does not do a good job of wicking sweat away.

Furthermore, this No Gi Jiu-Jitsu rash guard does not have good breathability, and I felt like sweat tended to get stuck between the rashguard and my skin. 

This is definitely something to consider if you consistently train Jiu Jitsu in a hot or humid environment.

Rashguard Material Durability After Wash Cycle

I am sad to report that after putting my Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life rash guard through a wash and dryer cycle there was some pilling up and damage to the material.

Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard damage from wash cycle. Pilled up damage to fibers.

I am pretty sure this was my fault and I probably had the dryer on too high. 

Nevertheless, I am going to be air-drying this nogi rash guard going forward to prevent any further damage to the material.

Since I have only had the rash guard a relatively short time, I will update this review when I see how well it holds up over time.

Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard Appearance

Jordan wearing Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard After Training BJJ, sweaty smiling.

If you are a fan of proudly displaying your love for Jiu Jitsu, then you should definitely check out the Jiu Jitsu Life graphic design.

The base material color is a sleek black with a slight shimmer.

White text across the chest says “Jiu Jitsu,” and the a red, cursive “Life” is written just below.

The same text is found on the left wrist, while the right wrist has the standard Break Point FC logo.

Jordan showing Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard Sleeve displaying brand logo.

Personally, I think the rashguard design is cool, although I can see an argument that is a bit cheesy.

You might get comments from your friends or training partners like, “okay, we get it, you are all about that Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle,” or something similar.

That said, in my opinion, if you like the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life rash guard design, then you should get it.

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, this is Jiu Jitsu after all.

Cost & Pricing

At the time I purchased it, the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life rash guard retail pricing is as follows:

*Note: kids Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard may only be periodically available.

This price is on the upper-middle end of the typical No Gi rash guard pricing.

In my opinion, the quality and comfort is decent at this price point, although I do think that the material’s breathability could be better for a rash guard that costs above $50 USD.

I believe that in part you are paying for the Break Point brand name as well as the “Jiu Jitsu Life” logo, which is sleek in appearance.

That being said, this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rashguard is definitely more comfortable than many cheaper options.

Summary: Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard

Jordan Fernandez wearing Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash guard with arms to the side.

If you want a lightweight, comfortable rashguard and you like the Jiu Jitsu Life  design, then I would recommend making the purchase.

Although it’s far from the cheapest Jiu-Jitsu rashguard on the market, the price reflects overall quality and design.

The only reason this rash guard did not get 5 stars is the slightly lowered breathability. 

However, this is not a huge issue for me or most people, since we are all sweaty during training anyways. If you aren’t usually overheating in BJJ class, then you will be just fine.

The lightweight material allows speed and mobility when moving and does not cause any chafing.

If you want to purchase the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard, you can use our link here and we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

About the Break Point FC Brand

Jordan Displaying Break Point Rash Guard Logo Tag

Break Point Fight Company is a Jiu Jitsu gear brand offering a range of BJJ products including No Gi Jiu Jitsu gear, Jiu Jitsu Gis, Jiu Jitsu apparel, and striking gear.

The brand is generally known for quality gear as well as giving back to the BJJ community. A portion of all Break Point’s sales go towards giving back to the community through various outlets.

The tagline of Break Point is “we live and breathe the Jiu Jitsu Life Style, we are here for those that do the same.”

They are based out of Carson California but ship across the world.

I have personally owned two pieces of Break Point No Gi Jiu Jitsu apparel, including the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life rashguard, so I can personally attest to their overall quality and comfort at least in the products I have purchased.

Why wear a rash guard in BJJ No-Gi?

Nogi rashguards offer better comfort and safety compared to cotton shirts or bare skin. The material generally wicks sweat better than cotton and does not collect as much bacteria buildup.

Additionally, wet cotton quickly gets gross for both you and your training partner. On top of that, loose cotton or polyester T-shirts can tangle fingers and cause other entanglement problems during rolling.

On a final note, you will need an IBJJF legal rash guard if you plan to compete in No Gi Jiu Jitsu.

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard

Read my complete review of the Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard. This rashguard offers comfort & style to last you many years on the Jiu Jitsu mats.

Product Brand: Break Point Fight Company

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 53.95

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • does not ride up
  • extremely comfortable material


  • less effective at wicking sweat
  • can be easily damaged in wash

Break Point Jiu Jitsu Life Rash Guard Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a rash guard for no-gi?

While you don’t technically need a Jiu Jitsu rash guard for nogi – it’s highly recommended to have a rashguard compared to a cotton shirt for comfort and hygiene reasons. Rashguards are also required for IBJJF tournaments and most other BJJ competitions.

Can a white belt wear a black rash guard?

It depends on whether the rash guard is “ranked.” An unranked black rash guard is generally fine to wear as a white belt. Some rash guards have special indications of rank, in which case you would not wear a black belt ranked rashguard unless you are a black belt.

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