Home Jiu Jitsu Culture If These Videos Aren’t Enough to Convince You That Women Need to Learn BJJ, What Will?

If These Videos Aren’t Enough to Convince You That Women Need to Learn BJJ, What Will?

If These Videos Aren’t Enough to Convince You That Women Need to Learn BJJ, What Will?
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The Debate is Over

At this point, denying that BJJ is essential for women’s self defense feels like denying the earth is round, which is apparently actually a thing.

There’s simply a mountain of evidence showing that women have employed the gentle art to destroy larger, stronger opponents. Of course, there are still some naysayers. It begs the question, if showing example after example of women defeating larger, stronger opponents in various situations doesn’t end the debate. . .will anything?

All we can do is produce the evidence and share the truth. Here’s some of our favorites:

Sabrina Leites Armbars Street Mugger in Brazil

Here’s a native Brazilian with reportedly four years of training controlling her would-be male attacker with an armbar. She adjusts the armbar pressure to negotiate (and it seems like, scold) while the man screams in pain.

Girl Submits US Marine in Seconds

What looks to be at least a fifty pound weight differential doesn’t stop this woman from quickly finishing her opponent. In the match, her offensive output is impressive as she transitions from guillotines, to back takes. She is even slammed hard at the end, but shrugs it off and finishes her choke. (yes, the slam would have been devastating on concrete, we know.)

Girl Armbars Girl

Here’s a great video of two teenage girls fighting. One clearly has BJJ experience, and after a beautiful guard pull to tomae nage, she ends up on top for an armbar. After a nasty crank on the arm, she takes mount and reigns down strikes.

We should say, we’re not fans of fighting to resolve petty squabbles, nor are we big on striking an opponent when jiu-jitsu is a legitimate option. Still the technique under pressure here is on full display.

But Wait, There’s More. . .

And these are just the videos. There are dozens more antidotes, such as these

Woman Uses Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Defend Herself and Her Home

125-lb Woman Chokes Bouncer Unconscious After Mistakenly Thinking He Groped Her

Woman Controls Opponent In “Triangle Choke” In Black Friday Brawl Over A Toy

Woman thwarts rape with triangle choke, wins cash reward for jiu-jitsu justice

UK: Woman Puts Sexual Attacker to Sleep with Triangle Choke Learned at Self Defense Class

So why are we still arguing? The debate seems like it’s over to me.

Final note, women should practice jiu-jitsu not just for self defense, but also if they just want to be badass, like anyone else.

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