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How to Get Better at Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

How to Get Better at Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
Rickson Gracie and Henry Akins
Henry Akins with Rickson Gracie. Henry is a Rickson Blackbelt.

One of the absolute best jiu-jitsu instructors out there Henry Akins and he can help you get better at jiu jitsu.

And I don’t care what color your belt is.

Those who know Henry, will say without any hesitation, that he’s one of the most gifted jiu-jitsu professors they’ve ever met.

He excels at breaking down jiu jitsu – both technique and philosophy – in ways you’ve probably never thought or heard of.

I went to one of his seminars and learned something so profoundly eye-opening that it changed the way I trained immediately. Guru level shit. And I had been training for 7-8 years and was a purple belt at the time.

It wasn’t like he taught me a new way to do an armbar or something. No! It was one of those flashbang, mind-blowing, wtf did I just here? Ahh-ha moments.  Again, Guru level shit.

And do you know who Scott Nelson is? Scott is awesome. Big heart. Successful Entrepreneur. Friend.

Henry is also real good friends with Scott Nelson – And if you’ve been in a jiu-jitsu gym more than a day, then you’ve probably seen someone wearing a Lucky Gi, at which point you probably asked yourself, “how do I get one?”.

Well, that’s Scotty’s Gi company. He’s smart, makes good stuff. We love him. Now before I get back to Scott, just know this…

For the longest time, the only way to access Henry was either through one of his seminars, privates, or being lucky enough to live in LA, where he taught and trained his jiu-jitsu students.

Scott and Henry joined forces and created the ultra-successful membership site hidden jiujitsu, which launched a few years back and is a large collection of customized online curriculums for both bjj instructors and students throughout the world.

I definitely think you should think of a few areas you want to improve on in your jiu-jitsu, and then hop on over and see what’s available. Try it out. They have a money-back guarantee. So there’s nothing to lose.