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Henry Akins Hidden Jiu jitsu Training Courses

Get His Best Concept & Technique Videos, He’s Learned Training With Rickson Gracie!

Learn Hidden Jiu jitsu

We’ve been keeping track of Hidden Jiu jitsu Online Training sales through last year, and these were the most popular. Henry is expanding his catalog, and not all programs are offered on this page. You can visit his courses page here.

It’s expensive to sell training DVD’s, so this most innovative jiujitsu professor is taking his training modules straight-to-digital-download. They come with a money back guarantee too.

The Mind Blown Club

Never forget another seminar detail again with the Mind Blown Club. Henry shares his my Mind Blowing seminars here, followed up with a monthly Live Q&A to make sure you totally understand each topic. A must have for serious athletes who attend Henry’s seminars. Learn More >>

The Back System

jiujitsu Training - the back system

The ONLY jiujitsu training Instruction You’ll EVER Need On How To Get The Back, Keep The Back & Dish Out A Non Stop Supply Of Free Naps To All Your Friends, Training Partners & Opponents! Learn More >>

The Sweeps System

jiujitsu Training - Sweeps

Jiujitsu Training Module Includes step by step instructions for these sweeps:

  • Hip Switch to Outside Against Knee Behind the Butt Guard Break
  • The Hip Bump Sweep
  • Kick Sweep When The Person Puts Their Leg Up to Stand
  • Arm Drag to the Back Sweep
  • Hip Bump Sweep From The Back Take
  • Scissor Sweep
  • Plus many more…

Inside the Closed Guard

jiujitsu Training closed guard

Want to know a secret? If your opponent is TERRIFIED to close their guard around you… their guard becomes infinitely easier to pass. Want To Know The ONE “Hidden Connection” that opens EVERY Closed Guard like a “Skeleton Key”? Want to know how to regain and KEEP your posture when you end up in someone’s Closed Guard? Want To Know How To SHUTDOWN Even The BIGGEST, STRONGEST, MOST AGGRESSIVE closed guard players and set up your passes with ease? The secrets to beating bigger opponents can be found inside this jiujitsu training module. LEARN MORE >>

Half Guard Top & Bottom

jiujitsu Training half guard

– Shutting down Half Guard from the top is EASY… everyone is playing a different style of half guard so you MUST MASTER the art of QUICKLY identifying WHICH half guard your opponent is setting up and the EXACT “key movement” needed to SHUTDOWN their game no matter which one they are playing. And, I GUARANTEE you have never seen this simple approach to shutting down Half Guards.– Making yourself 100% comfortable on the bottom of Half Guard requires you make ONE adjustment as your opponent sets up their Half Guard passing. Do it right and you’re on the attack and not stuck on the bottom… Do it wrong and you’re Under Water. Learn More >>

Mount Maintenance

jiujitsu Training mount

FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the mount. What works, what doesn’t, where each positional adjustment leads… Get ready to have your MindBlown! Discover the MOST important thing you need to do FIRST, the moment you gain the mount position on top? What to do if your opponent tries to bridge or get to his side. This will change EVERYTHING you’ve ever thought about top control from the mount. Discover the one thing NOBODY EVER wants you to do to them when your on top of mount… and how to get it EVERY TIME. Sometimes (even experienced grapplers) do DUMB things after you mount them… here’s what to do to put them out of their misery… QUICK. Once you develop your immovable DOMINANCE on top… if you ever find that “boring”, I’ll show you “the path from the mount to the back”… THE EASY WAY… LEARN MORE >>

Mount Attacks

jiujitsu Training mount attacks

  • Want To Know WHY You Aren’t FINISHING 100% Of The Time From The Most Dominant Position Of Them All?
  • Want To Know WHY You MISTAKENLY Prefer Side Control Over Mount?
  • Want To Know Why Not Even ONE Of Your Training Partners Are Afraid Of Your Mount?
  • Learn More >>

Closed Guard Attacks

jiujitsu Training closed guard attacks

FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the Offensive Closed Guard. What works, what doesn’t, where each adjustment leads…

Get ready to have your MindBlown… your opponents will FREAK OUT!The WHOLE TRUTH about posture, posture control and breaking posture from The Offensive Closed Guard.

The ONE simple “trick” that will SHUT DOWN all your opponents grips and attempts to break your Offensive Closed Guard.

How to set up and finish the Head & Arm … once you get the timing of this you’ll feel like your training with children it becomes THAT easy to get.

Discover the 101 MISSED opportunities to utilize the Kimura from closed guard to either finish or set up another attackThe Offensive Closed Guard Guilliotine… gives you yet another weapon that only has two potential outcomes…

FINISH or effortlessly advance to another attack

I’ll expose for you 2 collar attacks that you’re either doing wrong, wasting energy on or haven’t even seen. These will BOTH become “go to” moves for you in your new Offensive Closed Guard

The Armlock Circus!…. The armlocks in the offensive closed guard are so abundant we could just rename the entire position “The Offensive Armlock Guard”.

You’ll never see armlocks from the closed guard the same again!NEVER get stacked, squashed nor smashed when going for the Triangle from your Offensive Closed Guard Again! Learn More >>

Open Guard Defense

jiujitsu Training closed guard attacks

Open Guard Defense Training System: Concept of Control & Grip Breaking Open Guard.

  • Concept of Control & Grip Breaking Open Guard.
  • No Gi Ankle Grip Breaks.
  • Ankle Grip Breaks with Gi.
  • Breaking Grips on the Knees.
  • Biting with Leg to Avoid Stack Pass.
  • Creating Distance & Staying Clear of the Arms.
  • Hip Movement Shoulder Movement.
  • Triangle Setup from the Double Under Pass.
  • Recovery from Knee Shield Smash.
  • Ping Ponging the Opponent Between the Legs.
  • Killing the Double Under Pass.
  • Arm Bar From Arm on Top of the Leg.
  • Arm Bar-from Overhand Punch.
  • Using Kicks and Being Offensive from the Open Guard.
  • The Concept of Sweeping.

Solo Drills

jiujitsu Training closed guard attacks

SOLO Drills – These 33 Jiu Jitsu Specific movements are SPECIFICALLY designed to improve your Jiu Jitsu:

  • Warm Up Intro
  • Joint Rotation Exercises
  • Standing Up In Guard
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Leg Lunges with Base
  • Hip Lifts
  • Up Downs With No Hands
  • Forward Rolls
  • Backward Rolls
  • Plus a bunch more…

Cross Side Attacks

jiujitsu Training side control attacks

The “Ninja” Side Control Attacks System:– Discover how to ALWAYS have at least ONE if not TWO hands available to attack from cross side at all times– See how to make your opponent SO uncomfortable from PRESSURE that he forgets (or even hopes) you’re going to attack him with a vengeance– Understand the “next move” your opponent is going make BEFORE he makes it… so he becomes EASY to “trap” and FINISH every time from the cross side position– See how effortlessly you can “chain together” your attacks so each attack forces a predictable response and automatically sets your opponent up for “the tap”-and so MUCH MORE!… inside my “Ninja” Side Control Finishing System… How to FINISH like a SNIPER all day everyday! Learn More >>

Cross Side Escapes

Cross Side (Side Control) Escapes:– Escaping like a GHOST from the bottom of Cross Side (side control) is EASY… but every opponents side control is different so you MUST MASTER the art of QUICKLY identifying WHICH cross side (side control) strategy your opponent is using and the EXACT “key movement” needed to UNLOCK their pressure (no matter how big they are) and I GUARANTEE you that you’ve never seen this approach to escaping cross side (side control) – Making yourself 100% Uncontrollable from the bottom of cross side (side control) requires you make ONE adjustment as your opponent settles into side control.

Do it right and you’re on the ATTACK and not stuck on bottom… Do it wrong and you’re UNDER WATER! Nasty deep cross face? No problem.Can’t move your head? No problem. Can’t move your hips? No problem. Threatened with submissions? No problem.

NEVER be “stuck” on bottom of cross side (side control) again… even against higher level belts or BIG opponents. Learn More >>

Cross Side Control

The “Heavy as a Dead Whale” Side Control System:Cross Side (Side Control) Control & Domination: Complete CONTROL & DOMINANCE is EASY… but you must know how every opponent will try to escape BEFORE they do it.

My “Heavy As A Dead Donkey” Cross Side CONTROL System lets you DICTATE how your opponent chooses to escape every time.

MASTERING the art of FORCING your opponent to move and escape the way YOU want is the key to a cross side of complete dominance and control – Making yourself 100% Comfortable on top of cross side (side control) requires you are in perfect position to make your opponent completely uncomfortable.

Do it right and you’re on the ATTACK and your opponent is in DEEP WATER!
Learn More >>

The Fundamentals Seminar

jiujitsu Training fundamentals-seminar

The ONLY Seminar You EVER Need To Take Your OFFENSE In Guard, Cross-Side (Side Control) & Mount To The NEXT Level

Accelerate your jiujitsu with Henry. It’s a practical guarantee that you will improve your technique the moment you begin to introduce these Rickson Gracie style techniques to your jiujitsu game.We hope you enjoy using this resources page.. Learn More >>