Cris Cyborg UFC Title discussion
Cris Cyborg discusses her UFC Title Victory

It’s no secret that many in the grappling community are unsatisfied with FloGrappling both as a streaming service and as a company.  Posts on Reddit and Sherdog complaining about the FloGrappling streaming quality date back to 2016 and apparently very little has changed.  

In addition to service problems, FloGrappling has had a few unforced errors on social media. Recently MMA fighter Cris Cyborg called out FloGrappling on Twitter, saying she would no longer be doing interviews with FloGrappling reporters.

Did FloGrappling Steal Content?

Cris Cyborg calls out FloGrappling for posting footage from a video series her team has been working on for awhile.  In her comments, Cyborg alleges that FloGrappling released the footage before it had even been fully edited by her team.  She states that, when asked to remove the content, FloGrappling’s response was that they were promoting her. She disagrees.

Pushback from Twitter

Some Twitter comments argued with her over her reaction.  

However the vast majority of comments on both Twitter and Reddit were in support of Cyborg and critical of FloGrappling.

The Future for FloGrappling

For the most part, it looks like FloGrappling has its work cut out to build a new reputation as a solid streaming service and ethical company.  Luckily, the growth of BJJ and increased demand for quality competition streams mean that the market is ripe for competitors.

Although FloGrappling has a monopoly on certain BJJ event streams, there are an increasing number of quality high-level BJJ competition circuits and events. Undoubtedly, greater diversity in access to grappling streams will either force Flo to adapt, or see themselves decline as a legitimate service.

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