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BJJ vs Other Martial Arts

boxing for bjj
What is Boxing? From fisticuffs to Floyd Mayweather, there is no denying that boxing has deep roots in martial arts culture.  Seen in both “gentleman’s duels” and working class bare-knuckle pub fights, boxing is the classic art of fighting with fists. Boxing for BJJ can be a great cross-training art...
muay thai vs bjj
Muay Thai vs BJJ is a popular martial arts comparison. Both martial arts are effective. We've broken down the pros and cons of each.
Expandable Batons for Self Defense: USELESS
Expandable batons are a popular self defense tool among security guards and self defense gurus. But are self defense batons a miracle tool for non-lethal defense or they an overhyped billy-club that gets trumped by a gun but overkill for non-lethal scenarios? Are expandable batons still used for self defense...
MMA and BJJ are both grappling intensive martial arts. But how does MMA grappling stack up vs BJJ? Read our breakdown on BJJ vs MMA grappling!
BJJ vs Aikido is a common comparison for style-vs-style. We break down the ins-and-outs of each art so you can decide which style you prefer.
military krav maga
BJJ and Krav Maga are popular martial arts. We break down BJJ vs Krav Maga to give you the pros and cons of each martial art.