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Always begin any new exercise with the motto "less is more" in mind. That means choosing a set of dumbbells that you are absolutely certain  you can handle easily. Remember as the spirit of jiu jitsu reminds us, this is about the best you, there is no room and no reward for vanity and pride. So whatever the best
Henry Akins Cross Grip Defense
, "articleBody": "Having someone on your back is arguably one of the worst positions in BJJ. You are very vulnerable to chokes and you cannot even see your opponent. Furthermore, unlike attacks from other positions, your opponent does not need to sacrifice much control to launch...
4 Reasons You Absolutely MUST Train MMA Grappling For Self Defense
A large number of people begin BJJ in order to learn an effective self-defense system.  The “Gracie Challenge” videos, as well as the UFC confirm that BJJ works to consistently defeat a fully resisting opponent with less submission grappling experience.  Nevertheless, quite a few BJJ curriculums neglect the MMA...
The triangle choke is a BJJ submission that every grappler must learn. We break down this submission so you can master the triangle.
  We are a modest, humble and quiet people, a civilization dominated by modesty and propriety. So the way a chiseled six pack looks, glistening in the summer sun doesn't really get much attention - right? Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room and despite the fact that...
BJJ instructional videos are one of the top ways to boost your BJJ. Check out these top Jiu Jitsu instructionals - 2021 edition.
How The Triangle Choke Demonstrates Two Very Important Jiujitsu Principles Are you familiar with EBI yet? If not, you should check it out if you're into nogi jiujitsu. In fact, it's so good, that I subscribed to the UFC fight pass to watch it. But... The primary reason for subscribing isn't because...
bjj for weight loss
Learn how to use reap the BJJ weight loss benefits & use Jiu Jitsu to lose weight for your own complete BJJ body transformation.
Cross-training for BJJ is a hot topic. We break down everything you need to choose the best cross-training for BJJ specific to your goals.
The key to improving your game is finding the right weight training routine for your sport. Do you need to get stronger in order to gain the competitive edge? Will improving you endurance result in more wins and more success in your matches? Find out where you need to get better and where you can improve.