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If you had to name the number one thing that separates Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from other grappling arts, the depth of the basic BJJ guard positions should make the top of your list.  Many of the top submissions and positions in grappling are not unique to BJJ.  However, the ability...
bjj for weight loss
Learn how to use reap the BJJ weight loss benefits & use Jiu Jitsu to lose weight for your own complete BJJ body transformation.
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Looking for the best BJJ kettlebell workout? Read our ultimate guide to kettlebell exercises for BJJ. Design your own Jiu Jitsu kettlebell workout program.
BJJ Review - The best BJJ Fanatics guard passing instructionals for 2021 and beyond. Fix your guard by learning from the best in the World.
For more of us who do BJJ, side control submissions are a pain in the ass.  Whether you are in gi or no gi side control, the submission options are actually somewhat limited. Particularly in no gi, submitting from these positions will require detailed knowledge of a few good submissions. ...
The triangle choke is a BJJ submission that every grappler must learn. We break down this submission so you can master the triangle.
Here's a fun guard that goes by a few different names. Sitting half guard, sitting guard, or the sit up guard. It's a guard that relies on hugging a standing opponent's leg. This guard is strong for off balancing an opponent for a sweep. It's a classic "your whole body...
Cross-training for BJJ is a hot topic. We break down everything you need to choose the best cross-training for BJJ specific to your goals.
The Fastest Way to go From White Belt to Blue Belt Seriously, there are a few simple tricks to getting your blue belt faster. Train Smart Train Consistently Train with Focus Train smart means don't be dummy and get hurt. I know, easier said than done. Train consistently means show up...
BJJ for self defense is one of the top reasons people begin training. We break down the pros and cons of BJJ for self defense.