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the best barbell exercises for bjj
Barbells are an excellent tool for BJJ strength training. Barbell exercises for BJJ are a great option to include in your Jiu Jitsu strength and conditioning program. Like many sports, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes of all levels benefit from strength training programs.
the best bjj kettlebell workout
Looking for the best BJJ kettlebell workout? Read our ultimate guide to kettlebell exercises for BJJ. Design your own Jiu Jitsu kettlebell workout program.
Title Image for Jordan demonstrates the trap bar deadlift for bjj workout
Take your performance up a notch with the best BJJ workout. Design your Jiu Jitsu strength and conditioning program with our complete guide.
Title Image for escape the worst jiu jitsu positions
Surviving & escaping the worst positions in Jiu Jitsu is a core skillset to be a well-rounded BJJ player. Learn how to survive & escape these BJJ positions.
bjj for weight loss
Learn how to use reap the BJJ weight loss benefits & use Jiu Jitsu to lose weight for your own complete BJJ body transformation.
BJJ for self defense is one of the top reasons people begin training. We break down the pros and cons of BJJ for self defense.
The heel hook is the king of leg locks in BJJ. We've broken down the primary positions, defenses, and escapes to heel hooks in BJJ.
Cross-training for BJJ is a hot topic. We break down everything you need to choose the best cross-training for BJJ specific to your goals.
The triangle choke is a BJJ submission that every grappler must learn. We break down this submission so you can master the triangle.
BJJ instructional videos are one of the top ways to boost your BJJ. Check out these top Jiu Jitsu instructionals - 2021 edition.