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BJJ news covers the latest competition results, drama, and other happenings in the BJJ world.

Our coverage ranges from rankings, ADCC and IBJJF results, and other drama that goes down in the BJJ world.

heel hooks in ibjjf
If you’re plugged into the current BJJ metagame, you probably know that No Gi, sub-only is one of the biggest competition formats. You are also probably aware that in IBJJF, heel hooks have been banned, until now. With the leg lock game in full swing at the highest level, most...
BJJ Black Belt Ignores Student's Tap, Claims Video 'Taken Out of Context'. Do You believe him?
Popular Instagram feed @McDojoLife recently posted a video showing what appears to be a situation where a BJJ Black belt ignores a student's tap. The video allegedly shows Alliance black belt Fernando di Pierro using a calf-crush on a blue belt student after the...
Cris Cyborg UFC Title discussion
It’s no secret that many in the grappling community are unsatisfied with FloGrappling both as a streaming service and as a company.  Posts on Reddit and Sherdog complaining about the FloGrappling streaming quality date back to 2016 and apparently very little has changed.  
In a recent video that surfaced on Reddit, an Atlanta cop uses BJJ to safely break up a bar fight.  Ultimately, the cop sweeps and controls one of the perpetrators and stopping the altercation without any physical harm to anyone involved. Sequence breakdown of cop using BJJ Based on the video...
andrew yang mma
EDITORS NOTE: We are not affiliated in any way with the Yang campaign. Why MMA Fans Should Know About Andrew Yang If you watched the Democratic Debates last week. You'd be forgiven for barely noticing the Asian man without a...