Best Womens BJJ Spats

We’re back with another Jiu Jitsu apparel roundup looking at BJJ spats, women’s only this time around. Our goal is to help you find the best Women’s BJJ spats for your training and competition.

Women’s BJJ spats are essentially just women’s Jiu Jitsu leggings, but you can wear them for all types of martial arts training. Alongside a BJJ rashguard, a great pair of BJJ spats is a key part of your entire BJJ no gi gear wardrobe.

As usual, the YouJiuJitsu team put several womens BJJ spats to the test across multiple martial arts. We purchased the spats, tested them in BJJ and MMA classes, one-on-one training, sparring, hard sparring and in some cases competition if we have the chance.

We look at the following aspects of the best BJJ spats for women:

  • Comfort and fit of each pair of women’s BJJ spats
  • Each BJJ spat’s mobility and durability during use
  • Design options for each pair of women’s Jiu Jitsu spats

We then narrowed it down to the best Jiu Jitsu spats for women based on those rigorous tests.

Once you finish reading our ultimate women’s Jiu Jitsu spats review, you’ll be set to make a purchase with confidence!

Black Widow Combat Sports Women’s Definitive Compression Pants

Black Widow women's jiu jitsu spats

Price: starts at $70 USD

Color Options: Black


  • Nice Design
  • Fit Well


  • Tight around the crotch area for some
  • Don’t stay in place during sparring

The Black Widow women’s jiu jitsu spats are pretty much what you would expect from a pair of women’s grappling spats in this price range. They have a really nice look and have a great fit for the most part. Some of the girls on our team found they were a little too snug in the crotch area, causing them to slide down and out of place during harder sparring sessions.

Overall, when it comes to ladies BJJ spats, these don’t disappoint and hold up as to be expected for a good pair of grappling pants. Some of the team felt it may be best to get another pair of women’s BJJ spats for hard sparring and competition though. But in general, these are a solid buy if you roll regularly.

Fuji Blossom Women’s Spats

Fuji Blossom women's BJJ spats

Price: starts at $60 USD

Color Options: Black


  • Look nice when wearing
  • Good sweat wicking


  • Inconsistent fit
  • No 4-way Stretch

Next up we tested the Fuji Blossom women’s BJJ spats which aren’t quite as expensive as the Black Widow. The sweat wicking on these women’s spats pants is pretty good and the range of motion is passable. Fuji is making more of a name for themselves in recent years and it shows with these Jiu Jitsu spats. Women’s spats are often hard to find with the right fit, these were no different. Some of the team needed to wear a size up for the right fit, which isn’t a big deal. The lack of 4-way stretch is noticeable though, so the breathability and range of motion isn’t as impressive as some of their competition. Overall they still make our list of the best women’s BJJ spats in 2023 because they are a good buy, they look really nice and they get the job done.

Fuji Women’s Airlock Grappling Spats


Price: starts at $55 USD

Color Options: 


  • Look lovely
  • Breath well


  • Inconsistent fit
  • Could be more color options

It’s probably not a surprise that the Fuji Airlock women’s spats made the YouJiuJitsu team’s list of the best BJJ spats. Women know that designing spats for us is an art form like the martial art itself and Fuji seems to get that with the Airlock grappling spats. First of all, they look really good and fit well. Only thing is, like many womens jiu jitsu spats, they tend to run a tad on the snug side. So you may want to order a size up.

They breathe well and don’t move out of place. However, as a result, some of us felt the waistband was a bit tight and caused some irritation on longer rolling sessions. Other than that they are durable and comfortable over multiple sparring, training and grappling sessions which is why they make the list for the best women’s BJJ spats out there. The design is so nice I wish they had more color options though, but it’s no big deal really. Definitely worth the price!

Sicchic Women’s Spat BJJ MMA Premium Jiu Jitsu Fighting Grappling Compression

Sicchic women's grappling spats

Price: starts at $53 USD

Color Options: Too many to mention


  • Great fit
  • Breath well
  • Lots of colors and style options


  • A little too revealing
  • No cotton

Finally a company that understands that women’s Jiu Jitsu spats should come with tons of color and style options. It’s tough when you have found the perfect women’s BJJ spats for you and they only have one color and style option! What am I supposed to do, buy 6 pairs and look like I never do the wash? Anyway, the Sicchic women’s grappling spats are great for the girl who hits the mat almost everyday. They are durable, comfortable and breathe well over long sparring and rolling sessions.

The downside? Depending on the style you order, you may find these women’s spats a little too revealing in some of the wrong areas. But not to worry, just use those for your Gi training and order a different set to use as your women’s no gi spats. Overall, these are definitely for the buy and I will be ordering several more sets.

Fuji Womens Baseline V2 Jiu Jitsu Spats Compression Pants

FUJI Womens Baseline V2 Jiu Jitsu Spats Compression Pants

Price: starts at $40 USD

Color Options: black


  • Fits well
  • Doesn’t slide down in training or sparring
  • Beatheability 


  • See through
  • Runs long

Now we reach the end of our list of the best women’s BJJ spats of 2023. Last but certainly not least, we have the Fuji Baseline women’s BJJ spats. These are practical women’s spats that don’t disappoint on the quality or the overall fit and design. You can expect them to stay in place during long rolling sessions and even in sparring.

So what is the downside? These are much better used in MMA, Kickboxing or Gi Jiu Jitsu training and sparring. They are a bit too see through for women’s grappling spats, so wearing shorts or pants over them is probably a necessity, especially if you are a woman that trains with mostly men – which is common. But if that doesn’t bother you, who are we to say? These are a pretty good women’s spats pants choice for the price.

How to Choose Your Best BJJ Spats


Budget is definitely going to be a consideration when choosing the right pair of women’s BJJ spats for you. Where some of us girls may have the money to buy a number of pairs of the Black Widow women’s grappling spats, saving the extra $24 and going with the Fuji Baseline women’s Jiu Jitsu spats might be the better option. You definitely need multiple sets of women’s spats if you are going to be taking your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice seriously. So for sure keep that in mind.


You need to be comfortable when you are rolling in order to get the best out of your training, drilling or sparring sessions. Comfort when it comes to women’s Jiu Jitsu spats extends far beyond how they feel on your body. Are you comfortable with your women’s spats and how they look? I don’t mean whether you look good or not, but if you are wearing a pair of women’s BJJ spats that you just purchased only to find out they are basically as see through as lingerie – you probably won’t feel comfortable and get the best out of your sessions.


In almost every sport mobility is going to be important, but possibly no sport relies on it more than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When you are rolling in your women’s Jiu Jitsu spats, are you finding yourself getting caught in bad positions because you just can’t get your legs where they need to be? If so, it’s time for a different set of women’s spats. Not all women’s grappling spats are created equal, if they aren’t working for you, don’t hesitate to move on.


It kind of goes without saying that a good pair of women’s BJJ spats needs to be able to stand the test of time. Imagine being in a tournament and you suddenly have a… ahem, wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a match? OMG how embarrassing. So make sure to test out your women’s Jiu Jitsu spats extensively in your gym… Even the best women’s BJJ spats manufacturers make mistakes.

The Best BJJ Spats Brands

So what are the best brands in general for women’s BJJ spats? Our team tests them all rigorously to find out which ones rise to the top.


This brand seems to really understand the process involved to make the absolute best women’s BJJ spats on the market. They fit exceptionally well and often have a wide choice of colors and stylings. So you can fill your closet with some extra pairs, that way you aren’t washing your women’s spats constantly and wearing the colors and seems out.


Fuji is a force in the scene and makes high quality, resilient women’s Jiu Jitsu spats in a number of different price ranges. They also have specialized women’s spats that have different strengths for different Jiu Jitsu practitioners. In general, Fuji is a go to brand across multiple martial arts and their women’s grappling spats can be used in anything from MMA, to Judo and Karate on top of BJJ.

Black Widow

Black Widow may not be a household name just yet in terms of women’s BJJ spats, but they offer a quality product that will likely catch on in the future. Keep an eye out for them in the future around the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene.

Women’s BJJ Spats Frequently Asked Questions

What are BJJ spats?

Black Widow women's jiu jitsu spats

Men’s, kids and women’s Jiu Jitsu spats are a type of compression pants that are worn during training, sparring and in many cases competition for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They aid practitioners in many ways including the wicking of sweat, grip and protection.

Do women need spats for BJJ?

Best Womens BJJ Spats

It’s highly recommended that women wear spats in BJJ. You can wear shorts only, but you are more subject to chaffing, skin irritations, or other exposure if you do not have women’s Jiu Jitsu leggings, spats, or similar attire over your legs.