best mouthguards for bjj

In this article we continue our time honored tradition of putting products Jiu Jitsu practitioners are likely thinking to pick up to the test. The YouJiuJitsu team follows the same format, we order the product, test it in every possible setting with multiple team members and give you honest feedback. That being said, let’s dive into our list of the best mouthguards for BJJ in 2023!

New Age Performance Sports Mouth Guard

BJJ mouthguard - New Age Performance Sports Mouth Guard

Price: starts at $40 USD

Color Options: black, clear


  • Durable
  • Good protection


  • A little thick for some
  • Complicated to find fitting instructions

Alright, so now we are rolling with the New Age Performance Sports Mouth Guard. The marketing material on this is a little over the top in terms of a mouth guard for jiu jitsu, boxing, MMA or really any of the other martial arts. It’s pretty much your run of the mill mouthpiece offering protection for your teeth. When biting down on this mouthpiece did we feel like it aligned our entire body? No, it’s a BJJ mouthguard, simple as that. Fitting instructions aren’t in the package and you need to go online to find them. But like most, you just boil the mouthpiece, wait for the rubber frame to cool enough and bite down.

In general it’s a solid Jiu Jitsu mouthguard that certainly does the trick in terms of shock absorption when hitting the mat in sparring and accidental strikes. After several sessions rolling with it, there were no reports of difficulty breathing and it definitely seems durable. This is a Jiu Jitsu mouthguard that will likely stand the test of time. The thickness may be a bit overkill for the everyday BJJ practitioner, but it doesn’t really get in the way. Overall, this is certainly not a bad choice and can be used in multiple disciplines. Good value in a long term mouth guard for BJJ.

Bulletproof Kevlar

Mouthguards For BJJ - Bulletproof Kevlar

Price: starts at $20 USD

Color Options: clean white, coyote brown, hawaiian sun, lava black, retro blue gray, stealth nude, tangerine, braces clean white, braces retro blue gray, carbon gray, dolphin gray, fighting clean white


  • Easy breathing
  • Multiple colors
  • Not too thick


  • Sharp on the gums
  • Difficult to shape

This one was interesting and felt more like it was designed as a mouthpiece for sleeping. One of those that people wear so they don’t grind their teeth, rather than a BJJ mouth guard . The materials used, which are supposedly kevlar, seem pretty much like usual plastic. It was also a bit of a process when it comes to molding, but after a few times it fit fairly well. In terms of a mouthguard, Jiu Jitsu doesn’t require a terrible amount of protection realistically – though this mouthguard probably isn’t suitable for mixed martial arts.

The positives are that mouthguards for BJJ are more of a redundancy in case of an accidently strike or protecting your teeth when getting slammed to the mat. For the most part you don’t have to worry about getting your teeth shattered like former UFC Middleweight Champ Luke Rockhold just did against Mike Perry in BKFC. So what you really need in a BJJ mouthguard is unobstructed breathing with a little protection. In that case the thickness and price of this Jiu Jitsu mouth guard makes it a favorable choice for purists.

Delta Dental Athletic Sports Mouth Guard

Jiu Jitsu Mouthguard - Delta Dental Athletic Sports Mouth Guard

Price: starts at $20 USD

Color Options: clear, black, blue, green, pink, red


  • Travel Case
  • Easy to Fit
  • Nice on the gums


  • Sometimes needs refitting
  • Saliva build up

This is definitely not a bad choice for a mouth guard. Jiu Jitsu practitioners don’t need a lot of frills and all that jazz when it comes to functional mouth pieces. It needs to work, it needs to fit well, protect against injury and it needs to allow you to breathe while drilling and sparring. The Delta Dental Athletic Sports mouth guard covers all of those bases realistically – and at a price that doesn’t hurt the wallet in today’s tough economy.

The aforementioned is the reason it’s made our list of the best mouthguards for BJJ in 2023. You may need to trim it down and do a few runs at getting it to set into place correctly. Some of the YouJiuJitsu team also found the mold would shift not long after setting. So it is probably best to keep it in your mouth for a while and keep biting down, even drilling or sparring with it in after the first setting to get the right fit. The container is nothing if not convenient, but to keep this BJJ mouthguard in great condition you need to keep it and the case clean to avoid bacteria taking hold and leading to a bad smell. Good buy all things considered.

Kinetic JiuJitsu Mouthguard

Kinetic BJJ Mouthguard

Price: starts at $17 USD

Color Options: white, black


  • Correct thickness
  • Breathability


  • Size
  • Maybe not for competition

The Kinetic may not be the best mouth guard for Jiu Jitsu competition, but it is certainly a solid choice for your every day training BJJ mouthguard. It looks slick and is fairly easy to breathe with even during longer training sessions. Unlike some other Jiu Jitsu mouthguard choices out there, the team found the Kinetic didn’t cause as much problems with salivating.

A few of the team felt the mouthpiece was a little short, but then again, some of us have big mouths. Though this is a fine BJJ mouthguard for training and even some serious sparring, it might not be the best Jiu Jitsu mouthguard for competition, especially in MMA. The risk of catching mouth injuries is a lot higher in the sport, so for those BJJ practitioners who compete in mixed martial arts, the New Age Performance Sports Jiu Jitsu mouthguard may be more your speed. Still a solid buy and worth the price to have in your gym bag.

Safejawz Mouthguard Slim Fit

BJJ Mouthguard - SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Slim Fit

Price: starts at $16 USD

Color Options: black fangz, gold, ice, mo, ogre, pink fangz, shark, viper


  • Styling
  • Comfort


  • Difficult to mold
  • Doesn’t stay in place for some

The Safejawz BJJ mouthguard was a bit of a mixed bag for the YouJiuJitsu team. We ordered some adults and kids Jiu Jitsu mouthguards to give them a roll. It will definitely offer solid protection should you get popped in the kisser or slammed teeth first, mouth to mat. Is it the best mouthguard for Jiu Jitsu? The jury is out on that one, but the general consensus is this particular Jiu Jitsu mouth guard is probably best for BJJ in MMA.

There were issues with the impression with some of the team reporting that it doesn’t stay in place well and they had to keep it in place, which can be a distraction in terms of a mouth guard. BJJ requires a lot of focus, so even the smallest moment when you aren’t at full attention can lead to a bad position or even a submission. The style options are definitely a plus as many of the Best BJJ mouthguards out there only have plain options. Overall, not a bad buy.

Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard


Price: starts at $15 USD

Color Options: Black


  • Protection
  • Straight forward fitting instructions
  • Breathes well


  • Too Long
  • Doesn’t stay in place for some

The Shock Doctor Pro BJJ mouthguard is pretty much exactly what you would expect from the veteran company. No frills, it’s a straightforward Jiu Jitsu mouth guard choice that most likely won’t do you wrong. Good protection and it breathes well in training and sparring. Fitting the plastic portion caused a bit of trouble for some of the team, this may be a result of different shapes of the practitioner’s jaw not quite aligning – for the most part it was a fine mouthguard.

Some of us had to cut a pretty hefty amount off the back, making it a bit tricky to fit this Jiu Jitsu mouthguard correctly. So maybe make sure that you measure twice and cut once with this one. Once it was fit correctly though it was off to the races for most of us. There were a few complaints about it not staying in place, but after another round of fitting that issue seemed to be fixed. In general this isn’t a bad choice, so it earned its way onto the YouJiuJitsu list of Best BJJ mouthguards in 2023.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Venum Challenger Mouthguard - mouth guard for bjj

Price: starts at $15 USD

Color Options: white/blue, black/black, black/blue, black/cyan, black/orange, black/purple, black/white, black/yellow, orange/black, red devil, red/yellow, white/black, yellow/black


  • Style and color options
  • Fits well
  • Stays in place


  • Materials could be better
  • Durability

User Reviews (to writer: delete after writing your product review)

Venum has been around for long enough that most people reading this have likely used one of their products. So it’s likely no surprise that the Venum Challenger mouthguard made its way on our list. Is it the best mouth guard for BJJ all up? There may be a few options we already mentioned that take that belt, but it’s certainly a worthy contender.

It’s a well designed BJJ mouthguard in terms of fit, breathability and salvation. Reports are it’s easy to fit and stays in place well without having to try multiple fittings. There were some issues with a few of them we tried out in terms of durability. Not sure if it’s based on specific colors or something, but a few of the team had some issues with the material flaking. Again, it was only a few instances, the others didn’t seem to run into any issues. Generally it wasn’t too long or short for any of the YouJiuJitsu team and was pretty sturdy in sparring. Worth it.

Champs Breathable Mouthguard

Champs Breathable Mouthguard - mouth guard for jiu jitsu

Price: starts at $15 USD

Color Options: black, blue, green, orange, pink, white


  • Breathability
  • Protection
  • Color options


  • Must follow fitting instructions closely
  • Bulky for some

To start off, this is definitely one of the best BJJ mouthguard options when it comes to breathability. The design makes sense and it has some solid protection, so you shouldn’t lose a tooth in a hard MMA sparring session. One thing to note, when reading the reviews on this Jiu Jitsu mouthguard, you will probably notice a number of people complaining that the breathing holes collapse when you boil it. That shouldn’t be surprising to hear for anyone who has been using mouth guards in any sport from boxing, combat sports in general, lacrosse, football or any other sport realistically.

Boiling a mouthguard for too long will destroy its integrity, plain and simple. You boil the water first, then let it sit for around fifteen to thirty seconds before you place the BJJ mouthguard into the water. Of course throwing a piece of rubber and plastic into rapidly boiling water is going to deform it. As long as you follow the fitting process properly, you won’t likely have any issues with this mouthguard. It’s a bit bulky, but that is useful when you catch a swat in the mouth in sparring.

NewHour Mouth Guard

NewHour Mouth Guard -  best bjj mouthguards

Price: starts at $15 USD

Color Options: black


  • Breathes well
  • Protection


  • No fitting instructions

The NewHour might just be the best mouthguard for BJJ in this price range. Set aside the fact that it doesn’t come with any instructions on fitting either in the package or online – its mouthguard, they are pretty much all the same when it comes to fitting. The fit was definitely good once the team got them sorted and the reports are it’s easy to breathe without sacraficing protection. Good for grapplers with braces as well. 

It stays in place during long training sessions and seems to be rather durable and could be used as a BJJ mouthguard in MMA without any issue. No issues with bacteria build up, salivation or bulkiness, which is a definite plus. This Jiu Jitsu mouthpiece won’t break the bank and is a great addition to your gym bag. Give it a try.

FIGHTR® Premium Mouth Guard

BJJ Mouthguard - FIGHTR® Premium Mouth Guard

Price: starts at $14 USD

Color Options: black, allblack, white


  • Solid
  • Breathable


  • Issues with size
  • Fitting

The Fighter Premium BJJ mouthguard may not be the best mouthguard BJJ practitioners have ever seen, but it certainly isn’t the worst either. There were some issues with a few YouJiuJitsu team members about the size, it runs a bit small. Also, some had issues with it falling out of place during sparring – wasn’t a problem for everyone though.

Is it in the upper echelon in terms of a custom BJJ mouthguard, no. However it is well designed, offers solid protection and plenty of room to breathe. If you get rocked with a solid shot in MMA it will hold up, same as if you get slammed on the mat with an outside trip face first. Overall, it certainly holds its spot in our list of the best mouthguards for BJJ in 2023.

How to Choose Your Best BJJ Mouthguard

Here we break down the most important factors when you are choosing the best BJJ mouthguard. Reddit may be full of posts leading you here or there, but we offer the no bones opinion based on our various walks of life in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community.


Budget is always going to be a factor, especially for those who are just starting out on their journey in martial arts. There are always going to be people out there pushing you to buy the most expensive products on the market, but are they really the Best BJJ mouthguards simply because they carry a hefty price tag – the answer is often no. 

While you don’t want to skimp out with things as important as your teeth and jaw, there are plenty of options for every budget that will do the trick. It’s always better to have a few different mouthpieces in your gym bag anyway, so make sure you don’t follow the hype and break the bank on a single BJJ mouthguard.


There is no substitute for comfort when it comes to something that literally lives in your mouth during training. The best mouthguards for BJJ are the ones that fit properly, don’t fall out of place and allow you to breathe while not sacrificing shock protection. 

If the Jiu Jitsu mouthguard you have isn’t fitting well, you can’t breathe and it won’t stay in place during training or sparring – throw it away and start again. The right BJJ mouthguard is out there for you.


If your BJJ mouthguard is too thick and bulky then you are likely going to have issues with breathing as well as general mobility of your jaw. Choosing a Jiu Jitsu mouth guard that allows for full movement of your jaw is imperative, especially in competition.

The best mouthguards for BJJ will offer plenty of space in your mouth for breathing and mobility without sacrificing the protection factor. If your Jiu Jitsu mouthguard doesn’t tick all of the boxes, kick it to the curb and find one that does.


This essentially goes without saying when you are looking for the best Jiu Jitsu mouthguard out there. You don’t want to be spending extra coin on a regular basis because your BJJ mouthguard isn’t holding up. Also you run the risk of damaging your teeth, jaw or even skull if the Jiu Jitsu mouth guard you have chosen is deteriorating.

You want something that is going to stand the test of time. The last thing you want is to have a piece of your Jiu Jitsu mouthguard flake off during practice, sparring… or even worse in competition. You run the risk of choking or even serious infection. 

The Best BJJ Mouthguard Brands

That sums up our list of the best mouthguards for BJJ in 2023. As a parting note, let’s take a look at some of the brands that are offering excellent BJJ mouthguard choices and equipment in general.


Venum has been around for a while in the scene. Their products don’t often disappoint and the same goes for the BJJ mouthguard line they offer. If you’re looking for a reliable brand with a track record, Venum has you covered.

New Age

They may not be the most established brand on the market, but that doesn’t change the fact they make one of the best mouthguards for BJJ around. Worth the extra coin if you want a BJJ mouthguard that delivers.


Champs MMA provides a quality product on a budget and their Jiu Jitsu mouth guard definitely fits the mold (pun intended). This won’t disappoint for the price while providing the necessary protection and excellent breathability.

Delta Dental

You can go overboard with a Delta Dental BJJ mouthguard. Like so far as to head down and get impressions at your dentist, then send them to Delta for a custom BJJ mouthguard. Their regular “boil and bite” Jiu Jitsu mouthguard will likely do the trick for you though if you aren’t looking to empty your wallet.

Best BJJ Mouthguards Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mouthguards are best for Jiu Jitsu?

The correct type of BJJ mouthguard is one that allows for proper breathing, jaw mobility and fit while protecting against concussions. There are a number of great brands available for purchase offering the proper technology in contact sport gear fighters need to protect themselves.

What is the correct thickness for a mouthguard in BJJ?

The correct thickness for a mouthguard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is typically between 3-6mm, as it provides optimal airflow for athletes during intense training sessions and competitions. Thicker mouthguards benefit users by offering enhanced protection to the teeth and jaw, while still ensuring ease of breathing. A bumper is essential to distribute impact forces and prevent injuries, particularly in a contact sport like MMA.

Are mouthguards allowed in BJJ?

Yes, mouthguards are allowed and highly recommended in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for the safety and protection of athletes. Sports mouthguards, which often feature designs with a shock frame, are designed to distribute impact forces and prevent dental injuries during contact sports like BJJ, football and basketball. It is important to select a sports mouthguard from a reputable manufacturer, ensuring that it meets appropriate safety standards and provides a comfortable fit. Using a mouthguard in BJJ helps protect the teeth, gums, and jaw, reducing the risk of injury during training and competition.