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30 Jiu Jitsu Instagram Accounts That Will Motivate the Hell Out Of You

30 Jiu Jitsu Instagram Accounts That Will Motivate the Hell Out Of You

If you’re looking for a little extra motivation in between workouts and training, grab your phone and browse some of these jiujitsu Instagram accounts. You might recognize some of these but the list goes on and on, full of inspiration to keep you in the zone.



@mattdarcygjj – Before we get to the big guns that you all may have already heard about, lets highlight some Instagram profiles that are on the rise. You know, the hipster kind that are “cool before everyone knows they’re cool.” One of these is MattDarcyJJ. While many athletes can get so tied up in their work that they don’t have time to post, Matt Darcy consistently posts some great techniques and how-tos you won’t want to miss.


@renzograciebjj – Not only does Renzo have some of the sleekest technique vids on instagram, but you’ll also find a lot of good info on current competitions, merch and the daily life of a BJJ artist.


@graciejiujitsuacademy – Where Rener and Ryron still teach and roll, this instagram is chock full of news on their master classes, as well as merch sales from this BJJ palace. This academy is one of the largest BJJ schools in the US, not to mention one of the biggest BJJ legacy’s you’ll find anywhere.

#heliogracie @roriongracie

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@Systemstrainingcenter – Another diamond in the rough for those who love to mingle their BJJ with the other arts, Systems is the home of several up and coming UFC fighters, and has some great tips as well as general shenanigans to enjoy. Sometimes it’s nice to get a glimpse into a gym that hasn’t been bombarded with too much fame…yet. Get in on this instagram now and you’ll be able to watch first hand as they step deeper and deeper into the big leagues.
@fighthacks- If you started Jiu Jitsu for street safety, you may have discovered that that can sometimes get lost in the midst of training for JJ sport competitions. Fighthacks has a base in BJJ but travels outside of the judged competitions to give you some tips to use in real self-defense scenarios.


@thekentpeters – Coining the ingenious phrase of Zombie Proof Bjj, Kent Peter’s instagram is a flavorful mix of his training techniques, real life, and some smack-you-in-the-face life advice. Besides BJJ how-to’s you’ll also find tips for proper gym technique.


@FloGrappling – If you’re looking to keep a pulse on the top competitions, athletes and yearly highlight reels, you’ll want to follow FloGrappling. You won’t find a sweeter cut of the best moments in the Jiu Jitsu events throughout the year than this Insta.



@because_jitsu – What’s life on the mats without a good amount of laughter and inside jokes? Because_Jitsu is where you’ll find just about everything you’ve ever laughed about- with others or to yourself while you’re driving away from the gym- put into a Meme format for all to enjoy and share.

l How many dirty needles does the streetz get?

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@tomdeblass – Sometimes you need something a little deeper than “thumbs up” pics from the mat and silly memes. For those who like to hear wisdom from the heart to unlock the warrior within, his frequent and raw insights will leave you inspired both on the mats and off.

I remember growing up with severe ADHD I simply couldn’t do things every other child could. It would take me 5 hours to complete one simple homework assignment. All the time teachers would say I wasn’t paying attention and regardless how many times I told them I tried it didn’t matter. The fact is I really did try my hardest, I just couldn’t do it. It was a terrible feeling. Often I’d leave school and just leave my book bag in the middle of the hallway. I didn’t even realize it until I got on the bus and panicked. Over the years I learned to live with it but it still plagues me daily. Anyone close to me can assure you that paying attention for me is a huge struggle. I lose my keys daily, my watches, literally everything. Yesterday I thought I lost my passport and wouldn’t be able to go to @garrytonon fight and I was very close to a breakdown. Turns out I left my coat and passport in the rental car I had last week. I never even realized it. Point is no matter how successful someone may seem they still have their struggles. Literally daily I struggle with ADHD, but we always make it work. @musclepharm

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@bensonhenderson – Another life that is inspiring to watch is Benson Henderson’s. Known for his MMA exploits (and seemingly rubber limbs from all the tight situations he’s wiggled out of in the cage), his love for BJJ is shown in a balance with his love for his family, health, and highlighting the lives of others around him.


@ibjjf – Preparing to compete? Then you’ll want to keep an eye on the Official Instagram of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation for upcoming competitions and regulation updates. Gi or no Gi, this page is the place to be.


@keenancornelius – You’ll see very few posts from this guy having to do with anything but his one true love- jiu jitsu. Keenan is a self-proclaimed Jiu Jitsu scientist with plenty of wins to back him up. On his instagram he brings his fun personality and many of his techniques and accomplishments to his instagram on a regular basis.


@braulioestima – With one of the biggest hearts and smiles you’ll find in the jiu jitsu world, Braulio Estima is a multiple world champion and quite a character to follow. Keep an eye on his adventures and fun persona through a string of pictures of life, his competitions, and maybe even him signing contracts in the snow. In his boxers. Because…why not?



@acb_jj – Braulio and Keenan are just two of the incredible athletes signed to compete in the ACBJJ jiu jitsu competitions. But you’ll just have to follow to see who else they’ve snagged, and how you can watch the fights!


@rogergracie – Of course the main reason any of us follow BJJ Instagrams is for free instruction on technique! Hailing from the United Kingdom, Roger Gracie has some great tips to pass on with his frequent RogerGracieTV video posts.


@graciemagazine -For a central place with news, products and reposts from hundreds of other Jiu Jitsu sources, GracieMagazine is a good place to check in.



@ricksongraciejj – As a 9th degree red belt, there are few BJJ practitioners as worthy of following on IG as Rickson Gracie. He may be retired from competition, but is still actively passing on his expertise to the next Jiu Jitsu generation.

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@artofjiujitsu – Welcome to Jiu Jitsu heaven! Well, at least it looks like it from all the glowing celestial light emanating from this page. And not only does it have a pristine and matchless look, but your BJJ kids will love it too. Art of Jiu Jitsu shows this skill spanning generations. You’ll find few Jiu Jitsu accounts that look this slick, or have videos so professionally filmed. It’s eye candy for the Jiu Jitsu soul.

ART OF JIU JITSU || #aojfamily

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@gezarymatuda – Three time Brazilian Black belt world champion, Gezary loves to post the scenery in which she lives: whether it’s enjoying the blue sky or the blue mats. She’s an inspiration for far more than just the female athletes out there.


@galvaobjj – Another inspiring BJJ life to follow, galvaobjj makes his priorities of family, BJJ and people quite obvious through a consistent flow of epic pictures and videos.


@jtorresbjj – If you want a 2D perspective, follow both galvaobjj and his student jtorresbjj. It’s always to fun see something – like the practice of BJJ in a gym – from different points of view.


@bjpenn – Penn was the 1st American to win BJJ world black belt championships when they were still held in Brazil- a previously unheard of feit. Now he is fighting in the UFC and has over 300k followers on instagram breathlessly following his journey.


@rodolfovieira89 – One of the best heavyweight Gi grapplers you’ll find, Rodolfo is well worth the follow. He’s won the BJJ black belt world championship four times, and the World Cup six times.


@clarkgracie – You’ll love following Clark’s travels around the world as well as his continuing career and expertise through his vivid instagram feed. Soon you’ll be asking, where in the world is Clark Gracie?


@tanquinhojj – Augusto Tanquinho’s account has a nice mix between mat technique, actions shots, and tips on overall fitness even outside of rolling. You might just pick up some weightlifting, protein and stamina tips from this exciting profile.


@aryfariasmma – For those who wonder what an MMA fighter’s fitness regimen looks like, you’ll get the best viewpoint from Ary’s instagram. He consistently posts his gym routines as well as his rolling.


@lucaslepri – Seven time Black Belt World Champion and nine time Black Belt Pan American Champion, Lucas Lepri is showing no signs of stopping. Tune in to his instagram to discover the tricks of his trade.


@mendesbros – This profile is all training and technique. Okay, maybe also some travel, baby tigers, and, well, babies. But over 200k followers are loving the daily flow.


@renergracie – We couldn’t finish it off without these two characters. Two brothers who continue to pour into their students and community despite their growing fame. Rener Gracie is always the instagram to head to for heart and humor, and you won’t look too long without see his partner in crime…


@ryrongracie – Part of the GracieJiuJitsuAcademy duo, Ryron falls right in line with his brother Rener, and they’re still living an adventure you won’t want to miss out on, even as you continue yours.

Come roll with us. #gracieuniversity

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